"From the day that I saw you, I knew that we would pursue; Cause the chemistry we felt that day, felt so real, and so true; Looking back on 2 years we spent together; How its been, what we went through; Although weve had our little ups and downs, we still pulled through"-- Big Brovas Faith. Hope. Love.
Wedding #2 for April.
Mrs & Mrs Pone Boss! ;)
Legit: 27-Apr-2013
Silia’s final tauolunga ;)
Nane & his Fa’e Huki’s :)
Aunty Nasi explains this further:
In Tongan tradition, “fa’e huki” is the person/s the bride/groom can sit on to rest. It is your mother’s brothers (and their children). So basically, your uncles and first cousins, his children will be at your feet (or behind you) during the celebration. You may also sit on your Fa’e Huki.
Da Man, Uncle Makaaaaaa!
Silia’s Fa’e Huki’s.
Before the fakalelea.
Wrapping Silia up in traditional tongan mats.
The Cuties! Tongan/Chilean niece & neph. 
Nane with his chilean halfies, niece bella & nephew pancho
Silia :)